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Accelerate organic growth

Make innovation a priority for growth
This approach to growth helps you meet changing customer expectations, protect them from industry disruption and economic shocks, and increase their organizational agility.

Tap into new revenue streams

Prioritize building new businesses to grow faster than others and become more resilient to fluctuations and shocks.

Take advantage of changing customer needs

The world does not stand still. Needs change. Customers expect sustainable offerings. Take advantage of the greatest opportunities.

Protect against disruptions

Keep your organization future-proof by identifying and eliminating weaknesses. Improve the ability to build new business through repeated action-based learning and use of portfolio effects.

Building blocks

Empower with tools with guidance to foster sustainable innovation.
including ideas, hypotheses, tests, business models, customer journey, personas, risks...

Courses and short videos help your talents understand and apply concepts and terms.
including Innovation, business models, implementation

Enable mutual support and inspiration among talents by sharing experiences and knowledge.
Groups, discussions, marketplace

As the speed of business cycles increases, so does the importance of innovation.

Design innovation networks with Blueinnovator

In your organization, too, there are some talents who have a passion for innovation and some who are eager to support innovation. Talents with networks have good chances to realize innovations faster.

Networks create an innovation cycle by spurring each other on with ideas. They bring together people with different knowledge and different approaches to solving problems, whose ideas cross-fertilize each other.

As an executive or business leader, you can use networks to draw more growth from existing resources without launching major change initiatives.

Set aspirations

Set goals that align with your company's strategic priorities. Invite your employees to contribute ideas and know-how to the networks.

Link talents

Find people with right mind-sets for innovation and from different levels of seniority and skills

Support and govern

Support the network by regularly highlighting progress and successes, brokering talent, making quick decisions on budgets.

Build an innovation culture

Embrace innovation as a top team and create opportunities for managed experimentation and quick success.

Become an innovation master

Rely on trust and autonomy and continuously improve your innovative strength.


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